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Thank you for joining the Staunton Democratic Committee ! 


For your information:



  • By submitting this form, I declare myself to be a candidate for membership on the Staunton Democratic Committee. I also declare that I believe in the principles of the Democratic Party and that I will not support any candidate opposed to any Democratic nominee as long as I am a member of the Committee.

Contribution (Voluntary): 

  • The Staunton Democratic Committee (SDC) suggests the following voluntary contribution to support our headquarters operating expenses, events and activities as well as our candidate’s campaigns. Suggested annual contribution for your membership:

    • $40.00 Per Person

    • $10.00 Per Student

Payment by check: 

  • Please fill out this form first 

  • Then make checks payable to: Staunton Democratic Committee 

  • Then mail to: Staunton Democratic Committee, P.O. Box 152, Staunton, VA 24402

Online payment: 


  • All monies collected by the Staunton Democratic Committee are used to advance the party’s primary goals of electing democrats to office to represent us in city, state and federal governments. Examples of expenditures include: headquarters rent, renter’s insurance, broadband, mailing expenses, supplies for campaign activities, get out the vote (GOTV), voters registration, costs associated with special events and our fundraising efforts as we work hard to promote and contribute significant donations toward our democratic candidate’s campaign(s).

Questions ?


Use of phone numbers collected on this form:

  • Any phone numbers that you provide to us via this form are not shared with third parties or affiliates (except with our parent organization - Democratic Party of Virginia) unless we believe disclosure is required by any applicable law, rule, or regulation or to comply with law enforcement or legal process.  

  • These collected phone numbers are not used for texting purposes.

  • You may receive text messages (SMS/MMS) from us periodically where your phone number is derived from outside databases and not from information you have provided to us from this form.  We do not control the content of these outside databases and you can always opt out of receiving those SMS/MMS messages by texting STOP at any time in response to those texts. 

Employment Status (required by law)

Please choose to join one of the subcommittees listed below.  

Don't fret, no pressure !  We require you to choose a committee to assess what people are interested in and not forcing you to work !  Of course, we would love to have you volunteer.   We will send you an email about the committee with more information.


Subcommittee descriptions:

  • Outreach - Creating events and coordination with other organizations

  • Fundraising - Developing a sustainable donation system

  • Membership - Managing and developing an active membership

  • Publicity - Writing and communicating the SDC Democratic message with members and the public

  • Operations -  SDC infrastructure support (IT, Volunteer Coordinator, Office manager)

  • Nominating - Helping to find nominees for SDC or public elections and positions

  • Precinct/Ward - Developing ward and neighborhood groups who are ready for action

  • Campaigns - Coordination with Candidate Campaign Committees.

  • Bylaws - Reviewing and rewriting the bylaws

Committees you are interested in?
Tasks you want to help with?


Thank you for volunteering!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the SDC. They keep our office running, find people to run for office, communicate with the public and the press, and work on campaigns. That's why volunteering with the SDC is one of the most impactful ways you can help to further Democratic causes and ideals.

When you join the committee, we suggest you make a completely optional donation of $40, or whatever makes sense for you; a screen to do so will pop up after you submit the membership form. Remember: This donation is entirely optional -- your time, energy, and talents are worth much more than a monetary donation.

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