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We really weren't better off...

“Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” challenged Representative Elise Stefanik at a news gaggle a few weeks back. Since, many Republicans have joined the battle cry because Americans seem to have put Covid in the past - and all the economic woes that came with it.  

But, just in case you forgot, here are some of the CNN headlines from the first three weeks in May, 2020:

Bring back any memories?  

We were just getting settled into a stay-at-home lifestyle this time four years ago due to the total mismanagement of the Trump administration’s Covid "policy".  And the economy - well not much of that left either, as Trump sacrificed American lives for American dollars in his futile attempt for re-election.  

Worse, we were slipping in our role as leaders of the free world, thanks to the insanity of the Trump Administration’s policy toward NATO and his chummy alignment with the true authoritarians of the world, like Putin.  

Want to go back, now that we have a roaring economy, an open society, and respect once again by our allies across the globe?  

Spread the reality to anyone who will listen: we really weren't better off four years ago, and we will not get a second chance to repair the damage done if Trump gets four more years to destroy the real progress of the Biden administration.

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