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It's time to give Jennifer Lewis a chance

Quietly, and without any press coverage, the Biden administration continues its commitment to the American people by making sure baby formula is readily available.

On Sept. 7, the administration completed the 22 mission of Operation Fly Formula, which has now flown in more than 85 million, 8-ounce bottle equivalents.

Each time I drive by my neighborhood Citgo station, I see the price of gas is lower than the day before.

They are just two of many accomplishments to improve life in America. President Joe Biden has had the most successful first two years of any president in history.

When he came into office, he faced a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan plan concocted by former President Donald Trump and the Taliban; military officials here noted that the collapse of the Afghan government was linked to Trump’s deal to withdraw U.S. troops. Biden had no choice but to honor this deal.

Biden also faced a botched response to a virus that has killed more than one million Americans. The Trump administration either ignored the virus, poked fun at it or gave incredibly dangerous and false medical advice.

Thirdly, Biden faced a government understaffed and in disarray.

Rather than being discouraged, however, Biden vowed to improve our lives, put the government back together and repair the chaos left by Trump.

Biden’s most recent win for America was the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, to bring down the cost of goods, reduce the deficit and take aggressive action on climate — all paid for by making sure the largest corporations and billionaire tax cheats finally pay their fair share in taxes.

The Trump administration gave billions of dollars in tax cuts to those same tax cheats, but did nothing for the American people.

Seniors will no longer have to pay any medical expenses over $2,000 a year and will no longer be gouged by Big Pharma.

Biden passed the PACT Act, to care for veterans’ health care. He passed the CHIPS Act, bringing manufacturing back to our shores. He is addressing our out-of-control gun problem. He has restored our importance on the world stage. He passed the American Rescue Plan to get COVID vaccines in our arms. Under Biden, 2022 has seen the biggest year of job growth in American history and he has lessened the enormous student loan debt plaguing college graduates.

Meanwhile in Republican circles, our Constitutional rights are disappearing. Women are now second-class citizens.

State Republican officials are working hard toward taking control of Federal elections in their states so that Republicans will win no matter how badly they lose, overturning the will of the people. Republicans are supporting nominees for public office who support the Big Lie. Republicans are defending ex-president Trump’s treason (first an insurrection; now a theft of top-secret documents) and calling for the FBI to be defunded. Republicans claim to be the party of small government, but they want to stand between librarians and book borrowers by deciding what books need to be banned. Republicans want to stand between teachers and their students, deciding what experts can and can’t teach. Republicans say they are the party of freedom, but they are standing between women and their gynecologists, deciding what medical procedures are not allowed.

Democrats stand for improving the lives of people, trusting people to make their own decisions about their lives and keeping elections free from fraud.

Readers of this column live in the Sixth Congressional District in Virginia. We are “represented” by Rep. Ben Cline, R-Botetourt, a Trumper through and through. He is a danger to our district and must be defeated in November.

We can do this.

His opponent, Democrat Jennifer Lewis of Waynesboro, has every chance of finally turning this district blue.

All we must do is get out the vote.

Jennifer Lewis is a mental health worker, a volunteer who helps elderly shut-ins receive healthy food, a cat fosterer, and a committed Democrat who will:

Make sure the Sixth District has comprehensive broadband (Ben Cline said NO to this).

Make sure our environment is protected (Ben Cline said NO to this)

Support labor unions (Ben Cline is hostile to anything that improves workers’ lives)

Support the mental health of her constituents (Ben Cline voted NO to awarding grants to investigate the role of Covid in our mental health)

Support women’s reproductive rights (Ben Cline supports all anti-abortion measures, and he voted NO to establishing a right to contraception)

Take no donations from energy companies (Ben Cline takes their money)

Work toward sensible gun reform (Ben Cline voted NO to this)

Ben Cline is a horrible representative for the Sixth District. Let’s vote him out of office in November.

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