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News Flash ! Republicans Take Bold Step To Combat Inflation !!!!!

Do you remember the outrage and fury last year from Republicans about the inflation rate and the blame they cast on President Biden for this problem ?

Do you remember that the Republicans ran on a midterm election promise to focus like a laser (Jewish space laser ?) on inflation and save the American people from Joe Biden's mismanagement ?

Well, here it is !

It is a one page bill with the following plan:

  • For any Executive Order (from the President) that is projected to cause an annual gross budgetary effect of at least $1 billion, the Executive Branch shall prepare a statement detailing one of the following points:

    • Whether the Executive order is determined to have no significant impact on inflation or

    • Is determined to have quantifiable inflationary impact on the consumer or producer price index (including a detailed description of such impact) or

    • Is determined likely to have a significant impact on inflation but the amount cannot be determined at the time the estimate is prepared.

    • A report shall be prepared within the first 6 months then yearly on these items

Here is the most important part ! Wait for it .......

Section 2(d) - (d) Rule Of Construction.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to suggest that the task of combating inflation and bringing down the cost of living is the sole responsibility of the Executive Office of the President, and not also a key pursuit of the United States House of Representatives during the 118th Congress through thoughtful, productive legislative action.

This means that they admit they cannot blame it all on Joe Biden !

Well it is lucky for the Republicans that the inflation rate has been coming down nicely.

The rate of inflation for the year ending:

  • 6/30/2022 was 9.1%

  • 7/31/2022 was 8.5% - down

  • 1/31/2023 was 6.3% - down

Oh, and another tidbit of information, Ben Cline voted for this amazing bill !

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