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Upcoming Elections

Virginia General Election

November 5, 2024

The next election will be the 2024 General Election, held on November 5, 2024. On the ballot will be the presidency, a seat in the Senate, a seat in the House of Representatives, four of seven seats on the city council, and three of seven seats on the school board.

Important Dates​

  • Deadline to register: October 15 (Voters may register after this date, through Election Day, and vote using a provisional ballot)

  • Deadline to apply to vote by mail: October 25

  • Weekday early voting: 9-5, Sept 20 - Nov 1

  • Saturday early voting: 9-5, October 26 and November 2

  • Election day: November 5, 2024

More Information

City of Staunton Voter Registrar
540.332.3840 

The Presidency

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be taking on Trump in the presidential election. The Biden Harris ticket is campaigning on a record of historic investments in infrastructure through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, lowering prescription drug prices for seniors, and fighting corporate power by vigorously enforcing antitrust laws.

US Senate

Tim Kaine, incumbent senator and former governor of Virginia who has fought to expand the child tax credit, pass the CHIPS and Science Act, and modernize the US Navy, is running for reelection against challenger Hung Cao (R).

House of Representatives

Veteran, builder, and local entrepreneur Ken Mitchell is running to defeat incumbent congressman Ben Cline. Ken's platform focuses on ending failed trickle-down economic policies and protecting people's rights, to build an economy and a society that leaves nobody behind.

Local races

At the local level, 4 of the 7 seats on the city council and 3 of the 7 seats on the school board are up for grabs. The SDC commends candidates for running for these seats to try to serve and improve their community. These seats are non-partisan and all candidates run as independents, so the SDC generally does not endorse or take a position on candidates (though members and officers are of course free to take their own positions).

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