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Ben Cline – prolific author ? Ben Cline is worse than George Santos.

Ben Cline with his good friend Sidney Powell
Sidney Powell with good friend Ben Cline - 24 bills in 6 years
Disgraced 1 year US Representative George Santos
George Santos -43 bills in one year

These are Sponsored bills (where Cline or Santos were the authors and NOT Co-sponsored bills which is just adding your signature to someone else's bill). I did not think that ANYONE could be more atrocious than Santos but Cline managed it.

His lack of work ethic is shocking compared to the average of 63 sponsored legislative bills in 4 years by each of the other Virginia Congressional representatives. What has he been doing all this time ? Obviously not much.

He has also voted NO on numerous bills that would have been very helpful to his constituents including lowering the cost of medications and insulin, preventing fuel price gouging, and many others.

Ben Cline is worse than George Santos.

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