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Round and Round With Right-Wing Hypocrisy

Oh, the wheel of right-wing hypocrisy goes round and round and never stops.

Mike Pence (famously know for having no spine) who spent all the years of the Trump presidency slavishly adoring him, has entered the presidential race.

After four years of his lèche-cul NOW he chooses to speak out against him ? This is not sincere. Pence has never been sincere in his life. It’s all an act. Everything he does has been in service to his political career, including now, denouncing the Trump lawlessness.

Chris Christie, famously the most-hated, lowest-rated governor in the history of New Jersey, is also running for president. He gave a blockbuster speech to announce his entry into the race. He laid into Trump with power and wit, and accuracy, calling him a grifter. Which he is.

Imagine if Christie has said this in, oh, 2016, rather than spending all of Trump’s years in the White House sucking up to him. It was Christie who coached Trump for his debates, and he was a supporter during the Trump presidency. He enabled Trump. He gave us Trump.

But we see through you, Christie. You call Trump, “self-serving.” What is more self-serving than your race for the presidency ?

There is no honor in either of these two candidates. Just the constant need to gain power.

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